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Aged Woods + Ocean Air + Cashmere


Comfort and elegance is the fragrance. Just like the hottest boss in Austin, TX. Nate contains top notes of bergamot and the earthy saffron balances a captivating scent that yields a woodland bouquet of lily of the valley and violets merged with a warm amber core. This rich, soft scent has a hearty base of dark musk and vetiver with just a hint of powder.


*This offering is part of The Bittersweet Symphony trademarked collection which is brought to you in collaboration with author, Kate Stewart, and KLS Press LLC. All trademarks and other intellectual property rights associated with The Bittersweet Symphony series and associated merchandise are owned by Kate Stewart and KLS Press LLC and our use of The Bittersweet Symphony trademarks and other IP is under license.* 

Nate -The Bittersweet Symphony Duet