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Sara Henderson



Kristi Tragethon


Hi there! Kristi and Sara here--Book Besties since 2005!!  

In 2008, we started co-authoring books, spending timeless hours creating characters and worlds we both fell in love with. While working toward finding publication, we decided to branch out and connect other aspiring authors to the Writing Community through YouTube interviews with published authors and literary agents. After suffering through many book hangovers, we ventured into the world of character candle making. Our way of healing by remaining tethered to the books we loved so much.


Now, here we are...sharing our bookish scents with all of you!


We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Our Mission

Everyone has a story they wish they could read for the first time all over again. 

The Book Bar's personal mission is bring that experience to life.

Through the power of scent, we resurrect those favorite stories, characters, and scenes, so that you may live once again in that world you laughed in, cried in, and fell in love in.

Love the Scents?
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